Are Candles Bad for Leopard Geckos?

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Do you have candles in your home? Are you wondering if they are safe for your leopard gecko? In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of using candles around reptiles and provide some safer alternatives.


Are candles bad for leopard geckos?


The simple answer is yes, candles can be dangerous for leopard geckos. The flames from the candles can easily ignite bedding and other materials in the enclosure, potentially causing a fire. Additionally, the smoke from burning candles can be harmful to reptiles.

So what are some safer alternatives to using candles around your leopard gecko? One option is to use LED or battery-powered votive holders instead of traditional candles. These holders produce no heat and do not pose a risk of starting a fire. Another option is to use scented wax melts instead of candles. Wax melts are made with soy wax and release a pleasant scent without producing any smoke.

If you choose to use traditional candles around your leopard gecko, be sure to blow them out before leaving the room and never leave them unattended. Use caution when burning candles near your reptile and always err on the side of safety.


Do candles emit harmful substances for a leopard gecko?


There is some concern that burning candles may emit harmful substances like benzene and toluene, which are known to be toxic to leopard geckos. However, at this time there is no scientific evidence that proves definitively whether or not candles pose a health risk to these lizards.

So, if you’re worried about your Leo’s safety, it might be best to err on the side of caution and avoid using candles around them. Alternatively, you could choose unscented soy or beeswax candles, both of which are thought to produce less harmful emissions than other types of candles.

If you do choose to burn candles near your leopard gecko, always keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fumes. If he starts wheezing, sneezing, or having trouble breathing, it’s best to remove him from the area and get him to fresh air immediately.

These could all be signs that he’s experiencing respiratory distress and needs medical attention. In general, it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your leopard gecko’s environment. They can offer guidance on what might be best for your unique pet. Thanks for reading! We hope this helped clear things up a bit.


Are there any safe candles for leopard geckos?


The answer is no. Candles are generally made with paraffin wax, which can release harmful chemicals into the air when burned. These chemicals can be harmful to leopard geckos and other reptiles if they breathe them in. In addition, the heat from candles can be a fire hazard for leopard geckos and other pets. If you must use candles in your home, make sure to keep them away from your leopard gecko’s enclosure.




In conclusion, candles are not safe for leopard geckos and should be avoided. If you must use them, make sure to keep them away from your leopard gecko’s enclosure. Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful.




Q. Are there any safe candles for leopard geckos?

A. No, there are not currently any safe candles for leopard geckos. The chemicals released from paraffin wax can be harmful to their respiratory system, and the heat from burning candles can be a fire hazard. Keep your leopard gecko away from all candles if possible.


Q. If I must use candles in my home, should I keep them away from my leopard gecko’s enclosure?

A. Yes, it is best to keep all candles away from your leopard gecko’s enclosure. This will help to avoid any potential health risks. If you must use candles, make sure to place them in a safe location where your leopard gecko cannot reach them.


Q. Are there any alternative ways to provide light for my leopard gecko?

A. Yes, there are several alternatives that you can use to provide light for your leopard gecko. Some good options include LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, and reptile lamps. These all emit very little heat, so they are safe for leopard geckos. You can also use natural sunlight if possible.

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