Can Pangolins Dig Through Concrete? You Will Be Surprised

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Pangolins are one of the most unique and fascinating animals in the world. With their scaly armor, incredible climbing skills, and nocturnal habits, these creatures have long been a source of curiosity for people who enjoy learning about wildlife.

One question that often comes up is whether or not pangolins can dig through concrete. So let’s dive into the facts to find out.


Can Pangolins Dig Through Concrete?


The short answer is no—pangolins cannot dig through concrete.

For starters, they don’t even have claws! They may be excellent climbers, but they do not have claws like other animals, such as cats and dogs, that could help them break through concrete surfaces.

This means that if a pangolin is stuck behind a concrete wall, it’s likely there until someone helps it out.

But while pangolins cannot break through the concrete independently, they can use their incredible digging skills to move around in their natural environment with relative ease.

These creatures can create burrows beneath fallen logs or tree roots where they sleep during the day and emerge at night to search for food.

They can also use their strong claws to break apart logs and rocks to access food sources, such as ants or termites located beneath them.

Pangolins also have a fantastic sense of smell which helps them navigate underground tunnels and locate food sources quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, this sense of smell does not extend to detecting objects made from concrete or any other artificial materials, so it won’t be able to help a pangolin figure out how to escape from behind a concrete wall either.




While pangolins may not be able to dig through solid surfaces like concrete, they possess impressive digging abilities that allow them to move around quickly in their natural environment without relying on human intervention.

They can quickly burrow beneath fallen logs or tree roots and break apart rocks or logs to access hidden food sources beneath them.

Furthermore, their fantastic sense of smell gives them an edge when navigating tunnels or locating food sources quickly in dark environments. All this makes pangolins truly unique creatures worth appreciating.

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