Can Pangolins Make Good Pets? The Surprising Answer

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Pangolins are fascinating creatures, becoming increasingly popular in recent years. But do they make good pets? This blog post will explore the pros and cons of keeping pangolins as pets and provide some advice for potential pangolin owners.


Can Pangolins Make Good Pets?


1) I would advise potential pet owners to avoid keeping pangolins at home.

Although they may seem like the perfect animal companion because of their curious and gentle nature, pangolins require specialized habitats and diets that are difficult for the average person to provide.

Pangolins also have low survival rates in captivity due to stress-related illnesses and difficulty adapting to a new environment.

If you’re looking for an exotic animal to keep as a pet, consider one like a chameleon or snake, which can be much better suited to life in captivity, rather than a pangolin.


2) Pangolins are unique animals with distinctive scale-covered bodies resembling a cross between an armadillo and an anteater.

They can be found in tropical areas of Africa and Asia, but they are on the brink of extinction due to poaching and habitat destruction.

For this reason, it is essential to be aware of the ethical implications before considering a pangolin as a pet.


3) Pangolins can be challenging to care for in captivity despite their unique appearance.

They require special diets that may be difficult to obtain and large enclosures with specialized temperature control systems to mimic their natural habitat.

In addition, they require a great deal of mental stimulation as they are brilliant animals.

Potential owners must understand these animals’ needs before deciding whether to keep one as a pet.


4) Lastly, it is essential to remember that although pangolins may appear docile, they are still wild animals and may become defensive if provoked or threatened.

It is best not to handle them without proper training or guidance from experienced professionals interacting with these delicate creatures.

Furthermore, due to their endangered status, it is illegal in many countries (including the United States) to keep a pangolin as a pet without obtaining proper permits from local authorities first.




Pangolins can make fascinating pets, but there are several things to consider before taking on such responsibility. Potential owners should consider the ethical considerations involved when keeping any wild animal, as well as an understanding of the animal’s specific needs, such as diet, environment, mental stimulation, and safety protocols when interacting with them physically.

With careful research and preparation, it could be possible for responsible individuals to own a pangolin legally; however, we must also ensure we do our part in conserving these remarkable creatures in the wild so that future generations can share in their beauty too.

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