Can Snakes Bite Through Rubber Boots? The Surprising Answer

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In some parts of the world, wild snakes can be very problematic. While these creatures won’t typically attack for the fun of it, humans will often startle snakes before they have had the opportunity to notice the warning signs that signal a bite is imminent.

Since they have very few alternatives when it comes to defending themselves, snakes will bite when they feel threatened and in venomous species, this could be fatal for a human.

However, there are many myths about snakes that can make their presence, even more, intimidating so it can help to know more about what they are and aren’t capable of.

One such theory is that a snake could still harm you even if you are wearing thick footwear; but can snakes bite through rubber boots?

Whether or not a snake’s fangs could penetrate a rubber boot would depend on two factors; the thickness of the rubber and the type of snake. There are some species that have much larger and stronger fangs and if you are wearing thin rubber boots, they wouldn’t probably make light work of biting through.

So, now the question is whether your footwear is suitable for heading out into the wilds. Whether you live in a country where snakes are a problem or you are passing through and want to stay as safe as possible, it is always good to be protected.

Do Snakes Bit Through Boots?

There is an old legend that is thought to have dated back to the 1700s which details how three generations of one family were inadvertently killed by a snake fang that was embedded on the inside of a boot.

The boot belonged to the grandfather who must have stepped on the snake and whose fang mysteriously ended up on the inside of the shoe. After being scratched by the fang, the guy ends up kicking the bucket.

The boots pass down to his son who suffers the same fate before passing the shoes down to another generation and well, you get the point.

snake biting boots

However, while this might seem horrific, there is enough evidence to suggest that this is merely a legend and you won’t need to be worried if your ranch-owning great-uncle leaves you a pair of boots in his will.

That being said, it is perfectly viable to assume that a snake with large or powerful fangs could bite through rubber boots, provided that the rubber is thin enough.

Some of the more robust ‘snake resistant’ boots are made from incredibly thick rubber that would be difficult for even larger snakes to bite through.

What’s more, we must remember that when snakes attack, they are doing it to warn you off; essentially, the snake is scared and he isn’t going to hang around long enough to chew through your boot if the rubber is particularly thick. The problem relates more to thinner rubber boots that a snake could pierce with a single, rapid bite.

Why Is This Snake Attacking Me?

If you are out in nature working, hunting, or simply enjoying a walk in the natural surroundings, you need to keep one thing in mind; you are in the snake’s territory.

As humans approach a snake, the animal will feel threatened, because no matter how scared some people are of snakes, you can bet your bottom dollar that the snake’s fear factor is much higher.

Many people have given snakes a bad reputation but they’re not bad creatures; nor are they as evil as some would have you believe. Yes, they may have been used as a symbol for some pretty nasty stuff but when you get to know them, snakes are pretty fascinating creatures.

But one thing is for sure, they know how to defend themselves.

Unless it is a very feisty or aggressive individual, the chances of a snake biting you for kicks are ridiculously low. However, as a last line of defense, a snake will bite but only if it has to.


You see, a snake will give off plenty of warning signs that it is ticked off before it strikes, but if you are stomping through the bush in your rubber boots without a second thought for nature’s subtle signs, then you’re asking for trouble.

When you are walking through an area where snakes are present, you must keep your wits about you and look and listen out for signs that a snake is nearby.

Depending on the snake, there may be various clues that he is about to bite but most commonly things like hissing, rearing his head, and widening his body to show you he’s big and scary. In some species, the snake will wave its tail around whereas others might display mock strikes to show you what is about to happen if you don’t back off.

The snake will need to expend a lot of energy to bite you and it surely doesn’t want to resort to such tactics but if you do not heed the warning signs, a bite is almost certain.

If you happen to spy a snake at the last minute, you might notice that his head has moved much closer to the ground and he is making direct eye contact with you; this is a suggestion that you might want to get out of the way.

Startling A Snake

One of the most common reasons that people encounter snake bites in the boot is if they step on or too near to the snake and it startles the animal. In this case, the warning signs that we have just discussed are pretty much useless.

For this reason, it is always a wise idea to carefully scan your surroundings as you move through snake territory. If you notice a snake before you approach it, you can take a different path or allow the snake to move on before proceeding.

What Are Snake Boots?


Since some larger species of snake have the ability to bite through a thin rubber boot, manufacturers have created snake boots that are made from much denser material and offer superior protection for anyone braving a trek through snake territory.

These boots benefit in a number of ways; primarily, you will notice that they feature a much tougher leather upper and are all but impenetrable to the snake’s fangs.

In addition to this, these boots have a puncture-proof inner lining so even if the snake managed to sink his teeth through the upper, there is still another layer to get through.

Furthermore, snake boots typically have a much higher cuff which makes it more difficult for wildlife to get into the shoe. The lace systems are generally more complex and will provide the wearer with a tight, secure fastening.

These boots are often put under rigorous testing in places like reptile farms so when you purchase a pair, you can feel very confident that they will offer the protection you are looking for.


Snakes are one of nature’s most wonderful animals but they certainly have a reputation for biting. While this might not be as sinister as you think, and snakes won’t typically attack for no reason, it pays to be on your guard when moving through an area where snakes are prevalent.

Certain types of snakes that may have larger fangs could easily bite through a rubber boot and so it is advisable to always wear snake boots that feature a thicker upper, puncture-proof lining, and fit around the ankle more securely.




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