Do Frogs Really Digest Bones? You Will Be Surprised

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You may have heard that frogs can digest bones, and while this is technically true, it’s not something that you should be feeding your pet frog. Frogs eat just about anything they can fit into their mouths in the wild, but that doesn’t mean everything they eat is good for them. So, what happens when a frog eats a bone? Let’s find out.


Do frogs digest bones?


Frogs are known for their ability to eat prey much more significantly than their head, but does this mean they can digest bones?

The answer appears to be yes.

Frogs have a highly efficient digestive system that can break down various foods. Frogs have been known to eat small mammals, including mice and voles.

While it is not clear exactly how they can do this, it is believed that the powerful muscles in their jaw and throat help crush their prey’s bones.

Additionally, the acidic conditions in their stomach help to dissolve bone tissue. As a result, frogs can digest bones as well as other types of food.


A Frogs Stomach


When a frog swallows a bone, the bone will usually end up in the frog’s stomach.

The stomach is lined with keratin, the protein that makes up human fingernails and hair. This keratin helps to break the bone down into smaller pieces.

However, breaking down the bone takes a long time; during this time, the bone can damage the stomach lining.

In addition, since frogs don’t have teeth, they can’t grind the bone down into smaller pieces before swallowing it, which means that the bone is more likely to obstruct the digestive tract.



While it’s true that frogs can digest bones, it’s not something that you should be feeding your pet frog. If you want to give your frog a healthy diet, stick to commercial frog food or live insects. Your frog will thank you for it!

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