What Toads Make Good Pets

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There are more than 4800 species of toads and frogs. In case you didn’t know the differences, toads have wider bodies and shorter legs, with rough and bumpy skin while the frogs have the opposite features. Essentially, all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads.


What Toads Make Good Pets


Toads are well-adapted to living on land. These amphibians actually make great pets, and it is a very different experience than owning other animals.

Toads are extremely likable creatures. While they won’t shower you with affection like cats or dogs-they have their own unique traits. They are very aware and alert to their surroundings. In fact, toads are incredibly responsive too. Intelligence is another trait of toads.

They often develop a bold persona and a fearless attitude. The best part if you have a toad, is that your pet will live long under proper care. In fact, you can expect most species to have a life expectancy of 30 years or more. 

Did you know that up to 578 toads species can be kept as pets? There are so many toads you can choose and provide a home to.

Are you wondering what toads make good pets? Let’s look at the most popular choices for pet toads:


The American Toad (; its cousins: Dwarf American Toad, Eastern American Toad, Hudson Bay Toad)


When it comes to amphibian-keeping, the American Toad or Anaxyrus Americanus remains one of the most common and popular choices to date. They belong to the Bufonidae family, which classifies them as “True Toads”. This species generally inhabits the United States, South America, and Canada. The American Toad also has several cousins you can look at. The three main sub-species include Dwarf American Toad, Eastern American Toad, and Hudson Bay Toad. 

There are lots of color options among these toads, such as black, brown, gray, and yellow. Although most of them have a solid shade, others also have speckles all over.

Caring for an American toad is not difficult. It needs a tank of about 10-gallon to easily accommodate it. Like other toads, this one is mostly nocturnal. This means it is most active at night and spends the day hiding under leaves or soil or just relaxing. American Toads, in particular, really like to ‘burrow’. Plus, they are very well-suited to living in captivity. 

This is an excellent toad for beginners as it is easy to manage and gives owners a very rewarding experience. We can easily tell you, the American Toad is the best one you could have as a pet.


The Fire-Bellied Toad


The Fire-Bellied Toad (Bombina Orientalis), also known as the Tuti Toad is another great choice as a pet. It originates from Southern and South East Asia. They are most commonly picked from the countries, Korea and China. Generally caught from the wild, these species are found in the woodlands with nearby water. However, they are not good swimmers so they prefer shallow waters.

Their beautiful and unique characteristics have made the fire-bellied toads immensely popular among amphibian lovers. Unlike most toad species, this one is very active and ‘diurnal’, characterizing most activity during the daytime. 

The Fire-Bellied Toad is a whimsical looking creature with its funky colors. It has a bright green and black back, with an orange or red belly. It sure does stand out in a popping, attractive way.

One of their main features is an excellent eye-sight. In fact, they are ready to eat anything that comes within their range. Sometimes, they will try to eat things that don’t even fit their mouth. 

A word of advice to prospective Fire-Bellied Toad owners; house them alone or with a group of similarly sized fellows as this species can get aggressive towards small-sized cage mates. Furthermore, take care when you handle this toad as their glandular secretions can even be toxic.


The Marine or Cane Toad


One of the most engaging toads one could have as a pet is the Marine or Cane Toad (Rhinella Marina). They are bold and confident amphibians who adapt well to captivity. With time, their owners can get to understand them well. 

This species is generally large-sized, with a brown, dark mottled skin. It requires a big terrarium to provide plenty of space.

Marine Toads also like to hide away at times to enjoy their leisure time. They also love to soak in the water so their owners should regularly provide them a bowl of dechlorinated water. However, the smaller toads are not good swimmers so be sure to provide an easy exit route from the bowl.


The above-mentioned toads are all great choices for potential pet owners. For kids, specifically, the American Toad is the best one to have. The other species are also safe and can better be handled by adults or under their supervision. 

Remember, that keeping a toad and taking care of it is a full-time commitment. Depending on which type of toad you choose as your pet, you must provide it with a suitable diet, accommodation, and keep all of its needs in check.


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