Can a chameleon live in a 20-gallon tank?

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Yes, this is possible. Chameleons need at least 12 gallons of space to live comfortably for their entire lives. A decent-sized option would be the Exo Terra Terrarium which offers plenty of room for your pet chameleon. It comes with all sorts of great features like two different locks (so you don’t have to worry about curious kids getting into it), special lighting options, and more!

One reviewer said after purchasing that ” I can actually stand up completely inside it.” This tank will give them everything they need!

Although 20 gallons sounds like enough space to fit one chameleon, note that larger tanks are always better than smaller ones because chameleons will grow and need room to live comfortably. Plus, they can be rather pricey so it’s best not to skimp on size!


The Exo Terra Terrarium (See on Amazon)


The Exo Terra Terrarium is actually an all-in-one terrarium. It comes with a screen top that provides ventilation and allows you to easily view your pet chameleon while letting in natural sunlight too. It also comes built with built-in LED lights that come with a special day and night mode, meaning that the lighting mimics the sun throughout the entire day for 12 hours and then dims down at night time when you sleep (or if you work during the day). These lights are no joke either; reviewers agree they’re super bright and perfect for chameleons!

One of the most important parts of owning a chameleon is providing them with the best and safest place to live. This Exo Terra terrarium allows for optimal viewing, ventilation, and comfortability all in one product. It retails for $180 so it might be out of range budget-wise but you will not regret this purchase as chameleons cost much more than that price to take care of! I mean it’s always better to be safe than sorry right?



Exo Terra Terrarium review:


I purchased the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium for my chameleon, and it is perfect. I set up everything and could not be happier with the result. The only problem I had was that there were no instructions to tell me how thick of substrate to use (therefore, I used too thick of substrate) so my chameleon has been digging around everywhere.

The exterior part of this tank is very sturdy– you can’t just push on it and expect it to fall over because it’s well balanced. There’s a small wire mesh door on the front that gives easy access to the tank for feeding or anything else you may need to do inside.

You can also feed your chameleon outside of this small mesh door if you’d like, but I have no idea how you would get your chameleon out of the tank to clean it unless you made another hole on the other side.

The top part of this terrarium is very sturdy– there’s a little lip around the upper rim of the lid so if you wanted, you could hook up some kind of misting system that spritzes water into the terrarium. However, be advised that any misting system will probably cause condensation to build upon your walls and keep your humidity levels high enough for your chameleon.


Are different sizes available?


This beautiful all-glass terrarium is available in three sizes for all kinds of reptiles. Snakes, lizards, and geckos will all feel right at home in this terrarium.

I needed a new tank for my chameleon, and I wanted it to be glass because I didn’t want to risk the lizard eating the plastic cage walls or getting stuck between them while trying to get out. This tank is perfect! It’s sturdy enough that even though it’s not strapped down to anything, it doesn’t wobble when you push on one side of it (which was always an issue with my previous tanks).

The screen top/front part is great for feeding and misting without worrying about your lizard escaping through a little gap or hole. You can also remove the front if you would like so you could clean your tank easily without having to fight your lizard in the process.

There’s a plaque on the front of this tank with some great details about your chameleon, including its name, its type, whether or not it is male or female, how old it is… you also get tips for keeping your chameleon healthy and happy.

I suppose if you wanted to remove this plaque but leave the little metal hooks still attached that hold it onto the tank then go ahead. You could probably fashion something similar that would hold onto the side of your tank for whatever reason you might need it.




This Exo Terra Glass Terrarium comes with three detachable plastic shelves– they’re sturdy enough that my chameleon hasn’t been able to toss them around as her previous tanks did.

But what I *love* about this tank is that it comes with a screen cover for the top, which is great if you want to keep humidity in your terrarium but doesn’t want bugs flying in and out all day– I have an ant problem right now so it’s been wonderful having them contained by the metal mesh covering. If you need to feed your chameleon or do anything else inside of this tank, you just lift up the whole top of the tank and set it on top of another surface.


It’s 5 stars from me.


This tank is perfect! It’s sturdy enough that even though it’s not strapped down to anything, it doesn’t wobble when you push on one side of it (which was always an issue with my previous tanks).

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