Do Giant Day Geckos Make Good Pets? The Surprising Answer

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Giant day geckos are colorful creatures that are incredibly eye-catching. If you’re a lover of reptiles, you may be asking yourself, do big-day geckos make good pets?

Giant day geckos are suitable pets for those searching for a pet to observe instead of one to interact with. They’re also relatively low maintenance and convenient to keep as a pet in a small apartment.

Read on to learn about giant day geckos‘ prospects as your next pet.


Do Giant Day Geckos Make Good Pets?


Whether giant day geckos would make a good pet for you depends on what you’re looking for in a pet. 

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of having one of these fascinating creatures in your household.


What’s Good About Giant Day Geckos


Here’s why giant day geckos can be great pets.

  • They’re Great as Display Animals
  • The bright, colorful hues that characterize giant day geckos make them a great way to add an extra aesthetic dimension to your home. 
  • These emerald green creatures with splashes of red and blue look amazing. However, giant day geckos aren’t just all looks and no substance. 
  • These creatures are always on the move, trying to discover new aspects of their enclosure. Additionally, each giant day gecko has its unique personality. This makes them a joy to observe as they go about their day-to-day activities.


Their Terrariums Are Great Decoration


Not only are giant day geckos a sight to behold, but the terrariums in which they reside are also a feast for the eyes. These terrariums can double as a home for your gecko and a decorative item in your home.

A suitable terrarium emulates the natural habitat of giant day geckos to the greatest extent. Since that natural habitat happens to be the tropical jungles of Madagascar, the terrarium will have all kinds of colorful plants and climbing materials for your gecko.

This makes it a significant infusion of color and vibrance to your home.


They’re Convenient


Another reason why giant day geckos make great pets revolves around convenience. Geckos and most other reptile pets are great options if you live in a small apartment. 

When getting a dog or a cat is not practical due to the size of your home, a reptile pet like the giant day gecko can be a good option.

Giant day geckos are also relatively low maintenance; you don’t have to take them out for walks or clean up after they’ve answered nature’s calling on your carpet. Instead, they stay in their terrarium and go about their day.

Additionally, if you have a tight schedule and are always on the move, you can attend to your commitments without worrying that your gecko is all alone at home. These creatures are solitary by nature and require very little companionship.


What’s Bad About Giant Day Geckos


Here’s why giant day geckos may not be the best pet for you

  • Not the Best Pets For Handling
  • A giant day gecko may not be the best idea if you’re looking for a pet that you can interact with and handle.
  • Giant day geckos shouldn’t be handled unless essential; they should also never be handled against their will.
  • This is because these creatures have very fragile skin, which is susceptible to falling off in large patches. Additionally, giant day geckos are prone to taking a bite at you if they feel threatened by your attempts to handle them. 
  • Another reason why giant day geckos shouldn’t be handled is that they’re swift and agile. If your gecko slips out of your hands and hides as you try to take it, finding it will be a tall task.

However, it should be noted that some giant day geckos are more personable than others. In some cases, giant day gecko owners have had success feeding them on top of their hands.


Care Tips For Giant Day Geckos


If you decide to get a giant day gecko as a pet, here are some things you should consider when caring for them.


Optimum Terrarium Conditions


The most important aspect of caring for a giant day gecko is creating the right environment inside its terrarium. This makes sense since this is where your gecko will spend almost all of its time.

First off, when buying a terrarium, you should give a higher priority to height rather than width. This is because giant day geckos love to climb, and a tall terrarium will provide them with more space. The terrarium you buy should be no less than 24 inches in height.

Also, it would help if you filled the terrarium with branches, stalks, and tropical plants. This will allow you to mimic your gecko’s natural habitat as much as possible. Additionally, set up hiding spots for your gecko all over the terrarium to retreat to when it feels like being alone.

Regarding temperature, keep your gecko’s terrarium between 80 and 90°F at all times. 

It would help if you also misted the terrarium twice daily to maintain its humidity at around 70%. This is essential for your gecko’s health.


What to Feed Giant Day Geckos


Giant day geckos’ diet consists mainly of insects and tropical fruits. For their insect-based food, you can keep your gecko content well-fed with crickets, waxworms, and cockroaches. Mangoes and papaya will do the trick for the fruit portion of their diets.




So, do giant day geckos make good pets? The answer is that it depends.

If you’re looking for a pet you can interact with regularly, giant day geckos might not be for you.

However, if you’re in search of a fascinating creature to add some color and personality to your house, then giant day geckos are a great option. They’re a joy to observe and convenient to keep in a smaller apartment.

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