Do Lizards Bite Clothing? A Guide for Reptile Pet Owners

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Reptiles, such as lizards, make for fascinating and rewarding pets. However, many reptile pet owners have questions about how their pets will interact with everyday items, like clothing. For example, if you’re considering adopting a reptile or already own one, it’s essential to know whether or not lizards bite clothes. Let’s take a look at this topic in more detail.


Do Lizards Bite Clothes?


Most lizards don’t bite clothes, but there are some exceptions. For instance, the Australian bearded dragon is known for occasionally biting shirts and other clothing articles.

This typically occurs if a lizard feels threatened by a particular item of clothing or if they become interested in the scent that is often left behind on clothing after being worn.

Some species may also be attracted to bright colors or patterns on articles of clothing and attempt to explore them with their mouths.


Can You Train Your Lizard Not To Bite Clothing?


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to train your lizard not to bite clothing as reptiles cannot comprehend commands like dogs and cats.

As such, the best way to prevent your lizard from biting clothing is to ensure that they remain calm when handled by humans and do not feel threatened by any article of clothing nearby.

If your reptile does become agitated or scared around specific pieces of clothing, it would be best to avoid wearing them when interacting with your pet lizard and instead opt for plainer garments that won’t attract their attention as much.


Are There Other Risks Associated With Lizards Biting Clothing?


If your lizard does happen to bite an article of clothing – especially one that has recently been washed with detergents – there may be risks associated with ingesting the chemicals found in detergent residue.

Therefore, it’s best practice not only to avoid wearing brightly colored or patterned clothes around your pet but also garments that have recently been laundered, as they may contain traces of chemicals that can be harmful if ingested by a reptile over time.


Can lizards climb on clothes?


Lizards may appear small and harmless, but they can surprise you with their ability to climb on surfaces. While clothing is usually seen as an intimidating challenge due to its lack of traction, certain lizards are well-equipped for such a feat.

Geckos, and other species with solid toes and fingernails, can use these appendages to grip onto the tiny particles that make up the fabric.

This gripping talent enables them to navigate objects such as your shirt quickly.

Sometimes, you might share your garments with stowaways who have hitched a ride! As interesting as these scenarios can be.

However, it’s essential to remember lizards do best in their natural habitats, so for their sake, refrain from keeping wild animals in captivity if you need help saying goodbye.




Lizards rarely bite clothes; however, some species are more predisposed towards this behavior than others (e.g., an Australian bearded dragon). As such, reptile owners should take special care when interacting with their pet lizards – especially when wearing brightly colored/patterned pieces of clothing or those that have recently been laundered – as these may cause agitation/fear in some lizards, which could lead to biting of garments if they mistake them for prey items.

As always, it’s essential to consult a veterinarian before making any changes to ensure the safety and well-being of both yourself and your beloved pet.

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