Can Stick Insects Live With Snails? You will be Surprised

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If you’re thinking of getting a pet stick insect, you might wonder if they can live with other animals. After all, most people think of insects as being solitary creatures. But the truth is, some insects do well in groups – and even get along with other animals! So, can stick insects live with snails? Let’s find out.


Can stick insects live with snails


No, it is not recommended to keep sticking insects with snails.

Stick insects rely on plant material, and snails require a calcium-rich diet of algae, decaying vegetation, and other small invertebrates.

As such, the diets of these two creatures are not compatible, which could lead to malnutrition or even death if kept together for too long.

Stick insects also need a lot of humidity, which snails do not require. Therefore, stick insects and snails should be kept in separate enclosures.

It is always essential to research the needs of both species before housing them together.

Additionally, their enclosure must have enough space and ventilation for them to thrive.

Finally, it is always best to provide the stick insects with various plants in their enclosure to ensure they have access to ample nutrition.



So there you have it – stick insects and snails can not live together.

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