Can Stick Insects Live With Snails? You will be Surprised

If you’re thinking of getting a pet stick insect, you might wonder if they can live with other animals. After all, most people think of insects as being solitary creatures. But the truth is, some insects do well in groups – and even get along with other types of animals! So, can stick insects live with snails? Let’s find out.


Can stick insects live with snails


The simple answer is yes; stick insects can live with snails!

These two animals make a great pairing. Both stick insects and snails are gentle creatures that are easy to care for. Plus, they have similar needs when it comes to food and habitat.

One of the reasons why stick insects and snails get along so well is that they are both herbivores.

This means that they only eat plants – no meat or bugs allowed!

So, if you have a pet snail, you don’t have to worry about them eating your stick insect.

You can even give them the same food! Just make sure that whatever you feed your stick insect is safe for snails to eat.

Some plants that are safe for both include lettuce, cabbage, and kale.

Another reason why these two animals make good companions is that they like similar habitats.

Stick insects prefer warm, humid environments – which is perfect for snails!

Just make sure that your snail enclosure has plenty of places for your snail to hide away from your stick insect if it ever feels overwhelmed or needs some time alone.

A small cave or hiding spot made out of a plastic container turned on its side will do the trick.



So there you have it – stick insects and snails can live together! These two gentle creatures make a great pairing because they have similar needs and diets. Plus, they’ll enjoy the same type of habitat. Just be sure to provide your snail with a hiding spot in case it ever feels overwhelmed by its new friend.

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