How Fire Ants Affect Pangolins: Can They Eat Them?

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Pangolins are fascinating animals known for their unique features, such as their hard, scaly exterior and long, sticky tongues. These creatures primarily consume ants and termites, making up about 70% of their diet. While they can survive on different insect species, many wonder if pangolins can eat fire ants.

This blog post will explore this question and provide valuable insights into pangolins’ dietary habits.


Can pangolins eat fire ants?


Pangolins and fire ants are members of the animal kingdom not usually associated with one another, but the question remains: can pangolins eat fire ants?

The quick answer is yes!

Pangolins have a varied diet that can include fire ants and other insects. Fire ants will even accompany pangolins while they sleep at night, protecting them from predators.

This relationship benefits both species; as pangolins get a tasty snack, the fire ants get a mobile home that also happens to be warm.

Of course, pangolin enthusiasts must ensure their little pal has plenty of food, including safe sources, since wild caught fire ants could present an unnecessary health risk.

So when it comes to nutrition for your scaly friend, never rule out fire ants.


Fire Ants


Fire ants are often known for their aggressive and territorial behaviors, which can cause significant damage to the environment around them.

These tiny creatures are found in various habitats worldwide, and their sting can be pretty painful. So, the question is, can pangolins eat fire ants?

The answer is yes. Pangolins can consume fire ants and may even prefer them over other ants. Fire ants provide a lot of protein and nutrients pangolins need, making them a healthy and tasty meal option.

However, pangolins still have to be careful when hunting for fire ants.

These insects can sting several times, and a swarm of fire ants could easily overpower a small pangolin.

Pangolins will use their long, sticky tongues to snatch up the ants before they can swarm to avoid getting stung.

They may also use their powerful claws to dig up ant nests, a more efficient way of gathering insects.


Dietary Habits


Aside from their dietary habits, fire ants can also affect pangolins in other ways.

For instance, fire ants can invade a pangolin’s burrow or nesting site, making it uninhabitable for the creature. They can also compete with other ants and termites, reducing the available food sources for these animals.

While pangolins can eat fire ants, it is essential to note that a diet solely consisting of fire ants or any single insect can harm their health.

A balanced and diverse diet is essential for a pangolin’s well-being, ensuring they get all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Additionally, pangolins are skilled hunters and do not rely on fire ants to survive. Instead, they can consume ants and termites from different species in different habitats, ensuring they have enough food to eat wherever they go.




In conclusion, pangolins can eat fire ants and may even prefer them over other ants. However, they must still be cautious when hunting for these insects since they can sting several times. Fire ants can also affect pangolins in various ways, such as invading their habitat, competing for food sources, and causing them harm.

While fire ants can make up a small part of a pangolin’s diet, a diversified and balanced diet is essential for their health and well-being. Pangolins are fascinating animals with unique dietary habits that still have much to learn. We hope this blog post has provided valuable insights into the relationship between pangolins and fire ants.

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